Friday, November 13, 2009

Your Relationship with Your Buyers

Hi everyone. I'm finally back to the blog. I've been so busy. Mostly life stuff but also, my shop activity is picking up.  I've been making regular sales, but ... I've also been getting custom requests.  Which leads me to this post.  I'm noticing that when I communicate with my customers by convo'ing them when they make a purchase, that these customers are leaving good feedback and even contacting me to talk about future items that I might be listing.  Or, they just convo me to tell me who they gave the item to etc.   It's becoming apparent to me that treating your buyers as if they were friends is an important part of having a successful shop.  I've had several buyers refer me to thier friends who ordered because they were told I give really good service. I don't think my service is any better than most of us DListers, but it really matters to my buyers.  It makes them feel special, and to me, they are.   I've always thought customer services was extremely important but I think on ETSY it really is important because it's not just a place to buy stuff, but a community. Communication on a friendly basis makes a difference.  I think we "low sales" sellers want to develop a relationship with our buyers because #1) we are so happy to have a sale we want to reach out and give them a vitual kiss, and #2) most of us are new to ETSY and want to learn from our sellers and create a connection that is more than just a merchant and a customer.  So, I ask you... how do you feel about the relationship you have with your buyers?  Have you made any suedo freinds?  Have you had buyers return because they like their buying experience at your shop?  Do tell.....

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  1. I have to say my first sale was to someone who is probably now my best saleslady. She convo's me to tell me that she has referred people to me. She's also a seller so I think she understands that Etsy is a community not a shopping mall. But that's what's sooo cool about etsy.


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