Friday, September 25, 2009

Chock Full of Goodies

The D List message board ( ) is becoming my personal source for really good info for people like me who need all the help they can get to get their shop noticed.  Here are a few of the recent recommendations:

The Sampler:  ( )  This is really kind of cool.  Basically, from what I have read, you, as a handmaker, send a sample of your work (probably something less expensive) to The Sampler.  They feature it and you on their site.  Then they package it up nice and pretty and send it randomly to one of the other registered sample submitters.  So, you promote your stuff and get a little something for doing so.   I have not done this, but I plan to try it.  If nothing else it sounds fun!   Thanks to for telling us about this site.

50 Sites to Promote Your Handmade Website:  On a pendent making site called  they list 50 places you might want to check out for promoting you site.  Pretty extensive list.  Definitely worth checking out.  Thanks to for that suggestion.

Treasury Clock:  This is really neat.  It is a dashboard that shows you the status of the availablity of the Etsy Treasury. So, you check the clock and when the hand starts to go to the red area, you know the Treasury will be opening up soon.  Love this.!  Thanks to for this.  Pretty neat!

Oh, and since my kitty Schmoopie felt the need to contribute to the blog today by walking across the keyboard like a gazillion times, I have to give her a shout out as well.  Here's to the Schmoop!


  1. LOL your cat is too cute. I have a kitten named Gary. If you've ever seen spongebob that's his pet snails name (laura LOVES spongebob) My husband came home with him randomly one day as a surprise :)

  2. Schmoopie is so cute <3
    Loving the blog so far - there are lots of handy tips & links that I'll be using!
    Katie (mysmallworld)

  3. Thanks Katie. Yeah, The Schmoop is my partner;-)

    Glad you like the blog. Keep coming back. I'll be posting all kinds of stuff that I learn from other Etsians.

  4. He's adorable. Thanks for the tips on Google Analytics! I followed the instructions you provided, so hopefully it will work.

  5. OOPS! not 'he', but 'her'. Sorry!

  6. Great blog, lots of info and links to really help a newbie crafter and Etsian. I think my family is gonna be mad at me for hogging our only computer for so long! Oh, and thanks for the reminder about Google Analytics. I don't know why I haven't done it before.


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