Monday, September 21, 2009

Entry 3 - Blog - Still Learning

I learned today that I can put my Etsy Mini on my blog, and so I did.  I just added a gadget, chose HTML/JAVASCRIPT and pasted my mini code in.   Tada!  It worked.

Also found a few good Etsy Blogs and Websites:
All Things Handmade - A MiniBlog for Etsy Sellers - Jackpot! This is a good one.  Lot's of resources here. Great blogging section
Item of the Day - Love this one and love, love, love the background on the blog.  Note to self, get a better background you noob!

Finally, a shout out to germandolls
 for being my second follower.  Thanks germandolls!

germandolls cute little elf baby!


  1. I am going to put one on my blog too. That's cool.

  2. Great links! Thanks!


  3. This is a wonderful idea for a blog. I can very much relate to being new, no sales, and getting a little discouraged. But I don't want to give up just out of pure stuborness. I know I need more listings. I've been blogging just a little longer than I've been on Etsy, and I feel like I've started all this at once and it's all so time consuming. I need to get a better focus and more organized about it.
    Here are my blogs:
    about my life and thoughts.
    a gallery of things I make.

  4. Grandma Nina, I know what you mean. It can all seem overwhelming.. I feel that way too. But as long as it's still fun, and I'm able to be creative and possibly be successful, I'm hanging in there. Stay tuned for the new "D" List team... it could be a comfortable place for you.

  5. My first blogging suggestion is in regards to adding links in your posts. Set them up to open in a new window or tab when they are clicked on. That way, if someone clicks on a link in the beginning of a post, they won't lose your blog and never find their way back. I can find the code for that if you want-I can't remember it off the top of my head.


  6. alf, duh... I should know that, I'm a web designer. Just not in my element here in blog land. thanks so much for the heads up.


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