Monday, September 21, 2009

Entry Four - Blog - OMG.. This is awesome!

I had no idea today would be what it has turned out to be.  I was just clopping along with the new blog thing, and decided to drop an invite on the Etsy forums.  Thought there might be others out there who feel like I do and would be interested in going on my journey with me.  So, I started a post..      Well, boy were there.  I started with 0 followers and now have 28 and counting!  So many of you were feeling the same helpless, semi-confused feeling I am and needed to connect.  Out of the almost 80 posts, came a friendship with HippieChickBoutique who took the ball and ran with the idea of getting a team together. Others gave great tips and info (listed below) and others just wanted to say, heck yes I'm a "D" lister and so happy you are too! 

So, now we (HippieChickBoutique and soulstone321) are starting an Etsy team and already have several pending members.  I'm adding several sections to the blog.  A Super Shout Out section to highlight someone who either gave great advice, support or encouragement.  A Successes section to list any exciting sales, or milestones that our "D" listers may have had, and an Announcement section to provide info on events or team happenings. 

Wow, one day and a community is born... I'm so proud!  Thanks to all in the original thread who brought momentum and enthusiasm to the conversation!

Some great resources were born:
BannerSketch - suggested by my new friend HippieChickBoutique - A banner generator that is awesome

Info on setting up a  Treasury - suggested by HippieChickBoutique

More Treasury links suggested by Monkeeta  -,

Info on customizing your blog suggested by ArtrageousClay - Thank you so much, I will be checking that out.


  1. Yay for the D Listers! I love this post how awesome! 38 pending teammates and counting. :)

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  3. I definitely feel like a D lister b/c there are so many jewelry designers. My best advice is to TRADE with other newbies (or anyone willing to trade). I have 14 "sales," though 6 of them were trades. It was the best advice that I picked up from the Forums. Anyone interested in trading? :)

  4. Julie, great advice. I'll make sure to add that to one of my posts and give you credit. thanks!

  5. Welcome Caryn. It's going to be a great resource.

  6. I love this idea! I am definitely a "d" lister! lol

    Hope to be included in this group!!


  7. thatdesigngal, welcome! Love your blog. And I too, LOVE DM! I want to marry him. And my husband is well aware of this:-)

  8. I am so happy to be a pending member of the D team!! What a great idea.

    For awhile I have been toying with the idea of hosting other sellers Etsy mini's on my blog in return for them doing the same. I wasn't too sure how to go about it, but if other bloggers on the team are interested, I think it would be a great way to reach wider audiences.
    Thanks again for getting the ball rolling!

  9. Stitches... yep, great idea! I'll create a section on the left. I'll list store names so others can convo you if interested.


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