Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The "D" Lister Message Board is HOT!

The D Lister message board is now up and running thanks to  and I HIGHLY recommend you check it out.  Good ideas are flying in like crazy.  So much great info on how to promote your etsy site, and general chat is coming in and I anticipate this will explode.  Make sure you check it out.

Here are some of things I picked up from the board yesterday that I thought were great:
HEARTOMATIC : OK, this is really cool  This site will show you all the people who have hearted your site, and items and other statistics.  It's a little easier to digest than the etsy "who hearts this site" page. 

STUMBLEUPON: Register with and then recommend your own sites and blogs.  I just did it, so not sure how this will effect my activity, but  and  say they saw results the first day.  Cool!

Follower Suggestions:  recommends trading.  It's kind of a way to network and get sales on your site (which is always good to have when starting out).  This is how she describes it:
1. Ask someone if they are willing to trade.
2. Through convos or email decide upon what you each feel is an equal trade.
3. Post the item that you are going to trade from your shop with "Reserved for X."
4. Wait for other Etsian to buy the item. They just need to put it in their cart and click "commit to buy."
5. You go into your Sold (order) section and click "got payment." The transaction is complete as it assumes you received payment (no need to go through paypal).
6. Mark as shipped when appropriate.
7. Other Etsian will follow the same process (posting trade item and you purchase, etc.).
8. The items in both shops will show up as sales; you will be able to give feedback to the other shop as a seller and a consumer.
9. Wait for your terrific trade to arrive!

So much great info.  Keep it coming.

And remember, when at all possible, buy from a "D" Lister!


  1. Ha! This is a great idea for those of us who are new to etsy and want to step it up, make new friends, and support other D listers!

  2. There is people who play a game of trades... I play myself last nice and have another sale in my list (YEY 5 sales!!!) They play all weeks, next play will be tomorrow at 9pm... here is the link:

    (congratulations on the blog, is getting an awesome thing!!!)

  3. Enid... excellent info, thanks. You should put that up on the D List Message Board!

  4. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Thanks for featuring Larry's work on your blog, I'm taking him a copy tomorrow so he can see it. Lana


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